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Сoming up with dissertation topics is no less difficult than compiling basic research for the Ph. D. degree or obtaining the master’s degree. Before deciding on how to pick a dissertation topic, you have to study its relevance, work out different ideas, and use those options that you can expand on the dissertation scale and do it to the highest standard.

That is, students must conduct a complete research of the field. They should detect primary problems with the consideration potential. Then, formalize this information in a short thesis. This is difficult since even experienced researchers often doubt a particular topic. Not only its wording, but an ability to fully develop its content as well.

We will look at how to choose a promising research topic, where to find worthy options. We will also provide examples of topics suitable for a variety of fields. We will tell you about these in our article below, which has been compiled by professional authors representing our custom dissertation writing platform.  

How to Come Up with a Dissertation Topic

How to choose a dissertation topic is a common question asked by novice researchers since they are just at the beginning of their scientific path. However, experienced scientists also may face such a question if they change their approach or research field and get down to a study of a new phenomenon or scientific direction.

To choose promising topic for your dissertation, you can try applying a few approaches:  

  1. Advice from more experienced colleagues. First, contact your research advisor or professor. They don't necessarily have to be a representative in your field. Perhaps experience in other specialties and fields will help you to consider a promising dissertation topic as well as provide advice on its implementation.
  2. Study ready dissertations. Feel free to be inspired by other authors, at least have a look at their latest works. Thus, you can identify under-researched or under-appreciated topics. You will be able to detect new fields for work and take them as a basis for your own thesis.
  3. Brainstorming. Take some interesting ideas or phenomena. Look at them from different points of view, and think about “how can I study it”. You can combine them with the previous point since you will need to find out how your colleagues worked on this subject.

Probably, in a few hours you will have an approximate topic list that you could use to write a dissertation.

Where to Find Dissertation Ideas

How to find a dissertation topic is a common problem for researchers. Therefore, you should borrow potential topics from a variety of sources. And here're the ones you can look for inspiration in:

  1. Library. Go to the library and study all the references that have even the slightest relation to your field. Often, a decision can be determined by reading or consulting with a librarian.
  2. Journals. It is good if you have a subscription to scientific literature and specialized publications since the main media law is to stay problem-based. Read other authors, their opinions, and their way to deal with the topic. It may give you a few sound thoughts.
  3. Internet. This is a stunningly boundless source of information that can replace the previous two points. Here, you can also find forums and critical articles to immerse deeply in the topic searching.

While getting advice from professors and studying other dissertations, you will most likely word one or a few theses. Use them as a basis to come up with a topic and even outline an effective research plan.

Best Dissertation Topics

Our activity is directly related to research and writing papers. So we have prepared a few dissertation topic ideas that allow you to write an excellent Ph. D work without any problems. They are, mostly, general topics that you can develop according to your field. Thereby making the study subject more comprehensible and real for you.

We make your work easy by offering attractive topics from different scientific fields. Subjects are divided into groups. So you can easily find the required field and a starting point, from which you will build your own research topic.  

Law Dissertation Topics

Jurisprudence is a complex but popular topic. Especially since every year hundreds of legal scientists begin writing their dissertations. The suggested law dissertation ideas are related to important problems that arise in legislation and society. At the same time, the law is divided into several subcategories that relate to different scientific fields.

Below, you will find 10 sample topics taken from different fields of legislation. They will help you in writing a high-quality work:  

  1. Child labor exploitation in Third World countries: legal aspects.
  2. Forced marriage: the key peculiarities of prohibiting changes.
  3. Gender stereotypes in the divorce process.
  4. Cybercrime and punishment prospects.
  5. Legal basis for personal data collection on the Internet.
  6. International law in a cybercrime practice.
  7. Future of the network communication legislation.
  8. Refugee immigration from West Africa: legal aspects.
  9. Role of precedents in the International Human Rights Court cases.
  10. Discrimination problems in the modern legal system.

Criminology Dissertation Ideas

To come up with criminal law dissertation topics, you should focus on criminology. You can make different papers devoted to modern criminal law. Especially since this field is constantly changing and overgrown with discussions. We will show you how to write a dissertation with choosing a topic by suggesting these relevant options:

  1. Types of criminal offenses in large cities.
  2. How corruption impacts criminal processes.
  3. Relationship between racist stereotypes and a real crime level.
  4. Prerequisites for women to join terrorist organizations.
  5. Forced exploitation of prisoners: a comprehensive phenomenon analysis.
  6. Relationship between genocide and a criminogenic situation in social groups: factors and impact.
  7. Measures to counter terrorist threats: critical review.
  8. Effectiveness of modern police strategies to combat drug trafficking.
  9. Cybercrime prevention in the modern Internet space.
  10. The relevant situation in criminalistics on racial and religious crimes.

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Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing dissertation topic is related to advertising. It may influence the development of goods and services promotion field. Fundamental research is scarce nowadays. Scientists concentrate on studying different aspects of marketing. If you have any problems with selecting topics for future work, here are 10 best options for a high-quality dissertation:

  1. Small business marketing prospects in COVID-19 era.
  2. Latest SMM strategies review on the Internet and offline.
  3. Ethical principles in marketing: is it allowed to cross the line.
  4. Humor in advertising: is it appropriate to entertain a client.
  5. Modern advertising inclusive manifestations.
  6. Influence of advertising campaigns on tobacco smoking by adolescents.
  7. New social networks and SMM aspects for their users.
  8. Psychological impact of packaging on goods attractiveness.
  9. Marketing in COVID-19 vaccine production: key aspects.
  10. Urban and rural marketing: a comparative analysis of strategies.

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Business Dissertation Topics

Effective business dissertation ideas often cover different activity branches since this field is quite broad. You should choose a topic provided that it is relevant and sufficiently broad. It can be expanded in further work. First, create theses yourself, and then have a look at our short working topics list:

  1. The real estate market in the pandemic: today and tomorrow.
  2. Business leadership: contemporary company management models.
  3. Gender equality in business exemplified by global corporations.
  4. Ethical relationship in business environment.
  5. Economic crises interdependence and new business formats development.
  6. Attracting foreign and local investments under modern conditions: problems and solutions.
  7. Environmental business types as a promising activity field.
  8. Local brand awareness at the global level: success and risk factors.
  9. Offline business switching to online: pros and cons of digitalization.
  10. Robotization in manufacturing and risks for human resources in the automation era.

Business Management Dissertation Topics

When writing a paper on business, researchers often use business management dissertation ideas, which are a great choice under the current personnel crisis situation. This is a field that involves business management. It includes papers management and studying mentoring models. Our suggestions will help you on how to write a dissertation that will stay relevant for a long time:

  1. Impact of staff policy on an employees’ motivation level.
  2. Business and discrimination: behavioral aspects in a multinational team.
  3. Ethical values in global corporations: analytical review.
  4. Business-client relations in an investment sector.
  5. The latest personnel management strategies to improve work quality.
  6. Family business: key risk factors in large chain companies era.
  7. Motivation systems effectiveness in encouraging employees.
  8. Countering discrimination in modern business models.
  9. Effective management models review in the tourism sector.
  10. Manager’s state of mind as a key business factor.

Economics Dissertation Topics

Economics dissertation ideas are usually not difficult for authors. It is a popular field that covers a few activity directions at once. It’s better to write work on currently relevant topics. Or on those that will be acute by the time you’ve finished your dissertation. Here are some examples that will help you not to make a mistake when choosing a topic:

  1. Retail globalization: model viability.
  2. Impact of franchising on the global and local economy development.
  3. Freelance influence on modern headhunting and staffing: key aspects.
  4. Gender differences in wages exemplified by the European labor market in the 21st century.
  5. Prerequisites for international financial mergers and corporate cooperation development.
  6. European colonization of overseas territories: modern consequences.
  7. Business working conditions during economic stagnation and recession.
  8. Marijuana legalization exemplified by Canada: economic effect.
  9. Developed and developing countries' economic prospects: risk and success factors.
  10. Market economy specifics under communist regimes.

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Finance Dissertation Topics

Accounting and finance dissertation topics list includes not only financial planning, but other fields as well. Constant changes in legislation require various phenomena and their consequences to be studied, with financial fluctuations helping to predict the future. Below, you we give better topics for your financial dissertation:

  1. Freelance labor market prospects in the USA and European countries.
  2. Risk-based accounting factors for rapid business development.
  3. The latest financial accounting models: pros and cons of applying the methods.
  4. How income tax influences small-scale business formation and development.
  5. Cash flow analysis for predicting company’s operations success.
  6. Joint investment: modern strategies of this phenomenon.
  7. Analytical look at crowdfunding start of a small business.
  8. The main reasons for direct investment: cultural and geographical features.
  9. How branding tricks impact a bank client’s interest.
  10. Specifics of interdependence between microfinance lending and a level of poverty in the Third World countries.

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Dissertation Topics in Human Resources

Given the labor market relevance and personnel influence on business growth, dissertation ideas for Human Resources are really in demand. These studies result in improvement of large international and small local companies' development, with theories being practical in business processes. These options have been included in our promising topics list:

  1. How an employee’s internal performance impacts assessments on his or her indicators.
  2. Modern human resource outsourcing review: key risk factors.
  3. How personnel department performance influences successful corporate operations.
  4. Recruiting new employees: ways to improve the HR process.
  5. Motivational programs implementation and their effectiveness for personnel management.
  6. Recruiting employees for internal training: key aspects.
  7. Assessing employee productivity under company growth conditions: specifics and key aspects.
  8. Countering gender segregation exemplified by Google corporation.
  9. Inclusive selection for senior positions: the latest methods.
  10. Assessing an employee’s potential when hiring in a crisis period: specifics and key aspects.

By the way, in case you need PhD dissertation help, you can always ask StudyCrumb.

Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Psychological field development is due to the science’s powerful school and new constant challenges within practical application of the science. The list of psychology dissertation topics helps you make it clear about ideas that relate to relationships between people or patients’ personal problems. We suggest these example topics:

  1. Narcissistic violence evolvement under the pandemic restrictions.
  2. How the information boom impacts memorization quality among school-age children.
  3. Depressive mental disorders among students: prevention and symptomatic control.
  4. Play therapy with psycho-traumatized children: key aspects.
  5. Correlation of the neurotic fear model with frustration and pain.
  6. Psychological therapy of autistic children's parents: modern methods.
  7. Overview of employee behavior models in an open-office environment.
  8. Psychological assistance to victims of bullying and non-drug abuse.
  9. Support of children after their parents’ divorce process.
  10. Analysis of non-verbal communication among young children.

Sociology Dissertation Topics

Sociology dissertation ideas always take an incredible significance of this science for society into account. Research is often conducted in relation to social processes and statistical data. With these results they bring practical benefits and influence social groups development. We suggest 10 best examples that can be well expanded in a dissertation:

  1. Evolutionary view on enhancing humankind communication methods.
  2. The role of addictions in a changing crime rate.
  3. Social and economic consequences of the global population aging.
  4. Analytical review of a racial segregation causes in education and science.
  5. Subcultures and their influence on society during a person’s individuality development period.
  6. Prerequisites for the population's changing opinion towards a political system.
  7. Social causes for the increasing number of mass murderers.
  8. Influence of religion on gender inequality in Third World countries.
  9. Domestic violence in the 21st century: prerequisites and methods of combating this phenomenon.
  10. Impact of urbanism on declining identity level in an urban environment.

Nursing Dissertation Topics

Ideas for nursing dissertation topics are also becoming popular. They are used by nurses for professional development and career growth. Medicine topics involve in-depth research. So you can decide on writing your paper on these topics:

  1. Particular cases of providing medical care to patients with a high anxiety level.
  2. Specifics of treating patients with acute pain.
  3. Individual approach to patients with communication problems.
  4. Review of strategies of improving nursing skills.
  5. Private nursing care: challenges and risks of such activity.
  6. Service for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  7. Methods of treating injuries in patients with developed diabetes mellitus.
  8. The main aspects of assisting people with drug and alcohol addiction.
  9. Principles of nursing staff management in community hospitals.
  10. Key methods of prevention of professional burnout of a nurse.

Dissertation Topics in Education

Dissertation ideas in education never lose their relevance. Pedagogics is constantly being improved and modified. All educational processes are comprehensively researched from a scientific point of view. The student can choose any topic that corresponds to his or her inner aspirations. Look at this list to get a basic understanding for writing your research paper:

  1. Factors of inspiration for high school students during their studies.
  2. Challenges and prospects of remote learning via digital systems.
  3. Principles of re-introduction of religious education in schools for combating discrimination.
  4. Prospects of the world's educational systems under personnel shortage.
  5. Play aspect of teaching classes in primary school.
  6. Influence of globalization on the European education system.
  7. Academic education or personal development: comparative analysis of the approaches.
  8. Introduction of full-cycle business training in colleges.
  9. Comprehensive education in the modern system: myths and reality.
  10. Compulsory retirement of university teachers: aspects of this phenomenon.

English Literature Dissertation Ideas

Even though the subject has been thoroughly studied, dissertation topics in English literature are still relevant. Students writing the Ph. D. thesis choose an extremely specialized one, aiming at looking into some certain aspect of literature. To write a good dissertation, review examples of topics that you will find below:

  1. Motives of consumerism in Stendhal’s works.
  2. Transition from maidenhood to femininity in 17th century literature.
  3. Rural writing and folklore of the 19th century.
  4. Acceptability of showing violence and sexual scenes in fiction works.
  5. Working out a water image through the prism of Virginia Woolf’s perception.
  6. Specifics of a fabulous presentation in books by Hans Christian Andersen.
  7. Aspects of choosing characters’ names in children’s literature.
  8. Developing inclusiveness and tolerance in juvenile literature.
  9. John Milton and his author’s view on biblical motifs.
  10. Religious ambivalence in George Elliott’s literature.

Have you come up with a topic? Now it is time to start writing a dissertation proposal.

Dissertation Topics: Bottom Line

When preparing for writing a thesis dissertation, you should pay close attention to choosing a good topic. Writers should analyze their activity field from an expert’s point of view, find the best ideas, as well as think about implementing them so that they are easy for your colleagues to understand.

To choose the most viable topic, you can use the Internet, a library, or get advice from more experienced scientists.  


But if you have any difficulties with determining the dissertation field and expanding the topic, please contact our dissertation writing service. Our authors will analyze your activities, select a relevant, promising topic. They will prepare a text meeting all the quality criteria. Cooperation with us is the key to your dissertation success, which will surely impress your readers.  

Article posted on:May 9, 2022
Article updated on:Aug 31, 2023


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6/25/2022 9:48 AM
Hi. What dissertation topics in educational leadership can you recommend?
6/25/2022 11:47 AM
Hi Brandon,

Here is the list of good dissertation topics in educational leadership we prepared for you:

1. How effective are interdisciplinary teams in the running of middle schools.
2. How students who suffer from dyslexia can be developed compassionately.
3. The interrelation between poor leadership and poor results in schools.
4. How education leadership causes transformation.
5. What makes a good educational leader?
6. The impact of educational leadership on a given society.

Hope you will find something suitable from this list and will use it in your further research! Good luck!
6/25/2022 11:56 AM
Thanks a lot! I picked the topic about the interrelation between poor leadership and poor results in schools. It looks really interesting and actual in today's education.
7/7/2022 8:27 AM
Hi there! I'm thinking on a topic for my dissertation and can't come up with one. I'd like to write my paper about law or criminal justice. Can you advice some dissertation topics in criminal justice?
7/7/2022 9:00 AM
Hi Thoms,

You have come to the right place! We are here to help you choose the best topic. Here we have collected best dissertation topics in criminal justice:

1. Domestic violence by law enforcement officers and military personnel.
2. Adult children and acts of elder abuse against family members.
3. Perceived stress among police and correctional officers.
4. A case study of sexual violence as a weapon in armed conflict.
5. An examination of the role of technology in fueling crime.
6. A critical evaluation of bullying in schools versus crime.
7. Understanding how marginalization and discrimination because of religion causes crime.

Hope you'll like some of these topics! Good luck!