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MLA Format Date Guide: 9th Edition

If you're writing a publication about language, literature or other humanitarian fields, you'll probably have to use date in MLA format. It is not just a detail but a required component. At first sight, it may seem that there is nothing complex in its design. However, you should know certain details that can cause errors. Our article will help you avoid them!

How to Write the Date in MLA Format: Crucial Details

How you write the date in MLA format depends on where you include it. It can be in the beginning, middle, or the end of any sentence. Sometimes, you may separate it from the text.

Dates can contain:

  • year
  • day and month
  • timestamp
  • time range
  • season.

According to the new MLA Handbook edition, writing dates is not that difficult. Just don't cut them short and be consistent.

Checklist: MLA date format

First, choose a style:
1. day-month-year: 2 July 2021
2. month-day-year: July 2, 2021

Date in MLA Format: Text vs. Reference

If you use the American “month-year” date for MLA format, the year should be written using 4 digits. No commas are needed if you decide to indicate only month and year. Month should go first at the beginning of your sentence. That’s why, try to rewrite it in a way that your day does not open your sentence. For example:

MLA Dates Format Example

There are slight differences between this reference and your text. Reduce month to three-four letters. Instead of text, just use a four-digit year number.

MLA Dates Format Example

Dates in MLA Format: Punctuation

When writing an MLA format date, you should use punctuation. But if you have no clue where to put commas, dashes or apostrophes, here is an easy hint from us!

Dates in MLA Format Punctuation Example

Make sure your paper is formatted according to the latest requirements. Don’t forget to create an MLA format header and include section headings to make your text organized.

Bottom Line

Above, we tried to describe as many details and all current nuances about MLA date format. Hopefully, this guide was of great help!

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