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Chicago Style Citation Journal Article: A Detailed Guide & Examples

Chicago Style Citation Journal Article_ A Detailed Guide & Examples
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When doing research on a problem which has been widely reviewed in various periodicals, you most probably would need to know how to cite an article published in a journal. So here's our detailed guide on the rules of Chicago citation for journal articles.

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How to Cite a Journal Article in Chicago Style: Definition and Purpose

According to the rules of Chicago citation for article, entries must be cited together with the complete information required to locate them. This includes:

  • Full details about the specific periodical, such as the name of each author and the complete article title
  • Issue number and page range
  • DOI or URL making it easier to locate the original source.

Today we'll look at various cases of journal articles. Both printed and online publications will be examined. We will provide examples of Bibliography entries, full notes and short notes.

How to Cite a Journal Article Found on a Website: Chicago

To begin with, here are the rules of Chicago style citation: journal article (obtained from an electronic source). Keep in mind a special element called DOI. Chicago style requires it for journal publications since your professor or another researcher who has read your paper might want to verify the relevance of your sources.

DOI means digital object identifier. It is used for faster and easier identification of online periodicals instead of URL, typically for scholarly publications.

The general format for chicago online journal citation is as follows:

Examples of citations

Chicago style journal article found on a website citation example

Chicago Journal Article Citation With One Author

In the previous section we’ve explained the general rules on how to cite a journal article Chicago style. We’ve provided you with a useful template and showed how to use it in different cases with examples. As you could see, an article with a single author was used for these examples. Please note that a shortened title is to be used in repeated notes in case its title is too long. Look at formulas below:

Here are examples of citing a journal with one author in Chicago using URL. 

Chicago style journal article citation with one author example

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How to Cite a Journal Article Chicago: Two Authors

There are certain peculiarities to be cared about when citing the Chicago style journal article with two authors. For example, this style requires adding ‘and’ between their names in your references. This rule works for each entry in your bibliography page as well as for each note.

Here’s our general formula:


Chicago style journal article citation with two authors example

Citing a Journal in Chicago With Multiple Authors

Now let’s review one more complex case of Chicago style citation – journal article with multiple authors. If the number of authors is 3, list all their names, putting a comma between the 1st and the 2nd, and putting ‘and’ between the 2nd and the 3rd. If there are four of them or more, put ‘et al.’ after the 1st name in your full note and short note. In your bibliography, you should list up to 10 names. If there are 11 authors or more, list only first 7 names and put ‘et al.’ after them. Here are formulas:


Chicago style journal article citation with multiple authors example

How to Cite a Journal Article in Chicago: Unknown Author

Finally, a less widespread but quite possible scenario of Chicago style citation: journal article without any author’s name specified. In such case, place the publisher organization in the beginning of your citation. Alternatively, since you’ve accessed it on some website, use its owner’s name or the website’s name, if its owner is unknown. Look at the following formulas:


Chicago style journal article citation with unknown author example

Speaking about Chicago website citation, we have a separate blog dedicated to this topic. 

How to Cite a Journal Article in Chicago Style in Print

At the end let’s review a more traditional way of citing a journal article in Chicago style format: when you should refer to a print version. Though most relevant information on modern issues is more and more often kept online, there are still plenty of valuable sources available in paper only. So, you might need some of them for your research.

Similarly to a web article reference, you should include all authors names, full title, date and full publication information, providing a shortened title when creating your brief note. No URL or DOI is required however. Look at formulas below:


Chicago style journal article citation in print example

Where to Find Source Information for a Journal Article

Once you have located your source in a database or in some printed periodical, you can easily find all information you need for the proper article citation Chicago style. Formats may slightly vary, but usually you can find the full title and all its authors’ names on the first page. Publisher’s location, volume, issue, date and DOI are typically provided above the article’s text. Alternatively, you should be able to find some of these details in the journal’s table of contents.

How to Cite a Journal Article in Chicago Style: Bottom Line

So, we have reviewed the main rules and guidelines of Chicago citation journal. Explanations, tips and examples were given for various kinds of articles: those retrieved from printed periodicals, accessed online or found in a database. Hopefully this information will be handy when formatting your own research paper.

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FAQ About Journal Article Chicago Citation

1. What is DOI and where to find it for a Chicago journal citation?

DOI stands for ‘Digital Object Identifier’ and is a major element of Chicago style journal citation, especially for online periodicals. It is generally used for scholarly sources as a  replacement for URL. You will always find DOI specified for a journal article either on the 1st article’s page or in its table of contents. Look out for the word ‘DOI:’ or an address beginning with ‘www.doi.org…’

2. How to write footnotes for a journal in Chicago style?

This is how to make a footnote in a Chicago style citation (journal article). Provide these details: author’s full name, publication’s title, journal title, volume, issue, publication date, page range and DOI or URL (for online publications only). If you mention the same source repeatedly, you can use a shortened note. In this case, you should mention the author’s surname, the shortened version of the publication title and pages. If an article in the full note is ‘Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations’, you may cut it to ‘Encyclopedia of Nations’ for your short note.

3. When to include page numbers in Chicago citation journal article?

In Chicago citation journal article, you need to provide the range of pages where you took a specific quote from. Also, if you are referring to a specific paragraph or section, a respective page number is necessary as well. However, if you’re referring to the complete article and there's no need to take any single piece of it to illustrate your research, you don't have to provide them. Also, if the original article doesn’t have page numbers (e.g. when it is published online as a whole), page numbers are not needed.

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